Library from Home

As we find ourselves isolated and indoors, there are a number of digital resources available to you provided by the SRS library and local public libraries. There are also some enrichment ideas for students, teachers, and families. If you have any questions about how to access any of these resources, please reach out by email:

For Everyone

  • Did you know ALL Massachusetts residents can get a Boston Public Library e-card? You don't have to go to Boston to sign up! Go to to get access to e-books, streaming video, and much more.

    Even though public libraries have limited options, you can still access public library resources with your library card number. Go to your public library website or to see what is available.

    Check out Ms. Y's Bitmoji Library

For Students

  • "Have you read this?!?!" For fans of history or Hamilton: An American Musical, there is a new program to explore and create through EduHam at Home. From the debut of the musical, schools have been invited to see the show and create their own songs related to primary documents from Hamilton, Eliza, Washington, and more. Lin Manuel Miranda and the Gilder Lehrman Institute put together a program for students to create their own Hamilton inspired videos. They are going to pick ten every week to share on their website and one will be shared on the Hamilton social media pages! You can sign up for free here.
  • Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Maybe you love K-Pop and want to learn Korean, or you're a fan of Anime and want to learn Japanese, or your parents or grandparents speak another language and you want to learn more. Connect with others who want to learn other languages through the new Language Learning club. We'll use Duolingo courses to motivate each other to stay engaged and active in learning. Join the club team through Microsoft 365.