John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

The John & Abigail Adams Scholarship provides a tuition waiver for eight semesters (four consecutive years) of undergraduate education at a Massachusetts state college or university. The scholarship covers tuition only. Fees and room & board are not included.
Massachusetts public high school students are eligible for the scholarship when they:

  1. Score at the ADVANCED and PROFICIENT levels on the GRADE 10 MCAS TEST in ELA and MATH.
  2. Have a combined score that places them in the TOP 25% OF SCORES FOR THE DISTRICT.

Eligibility for the scholarship is based on the student’s FIRST ATTEMPT at taking the Grade 10 ELA and MATH MCAS.

The state of Massachusetts informs schools of the scholarship recipients in the FALL of the students’ senior year. At SRS, we present our students with the award letter at the Annual Fall Academic Recognition

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Congratulations to the John & Abigail Adams Scholarship recipients for the Class of 2024
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Koplik Certificate of Mastery

All students who qualify for the Koplik Certificate of Mastery receive a letter and an application in MAY of their JUNIOR YEAR to let them know they qualify. The Koplik is similar to the John & Abigail Adams Scholarship in that it waives tuition at Mass. public colleges and universities. It is different, however, in that MCAS scores ONLY qualify a student for the scholarship.

The student must complete TWO other academic achievements (specified below) in order to get the scholarship.

Visit the Mass. Dept of Education Website for more information