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If your student is interested in attending CTEC for 9th grade, now is the time to begin the application process!  The application is completed online at https://lpvctec.org/admissions/

>Click on Student Applications

>Click on Apply Now

>Create an account and complete the application

 When asked for guidance counselor write Mrs. McCarthy ([email protected])

          SAT/ACT Dates:


Test Date:        Register By:

  May 4            April 19

  June 1            May 16

Go to collegeboard.org for information


Test Date:        Register By:

 April 13          March 8

  June 8            May 3

  July 13              June 7  

Go to act.org for information


The Richard Atkinson – Striving for Excellence Scholarship 

  • HS Junior 

  • The “Striving for Excellence” scholarship is a $7,500 award for post-high school education at a four-year college or university.  The scholarship is renewable for 3 additional years of post-high school education for a total of $30,000 when the conditions of the scholarship, as set forth below, are met. 

  • a.  Student must maintain a B (3.0) average and submit an official transcript to the committee prior to each annual grant. 

  • b.  Each year the student must submit a letter to the committee explaining their continued “Pursuit of Excellence. 

  • c.  Freshman year grant will be paid at the beginning of the second semester or as soon as requirements have been metSubsequent grants will be paid prior to the first semester if transcripts and letter from the prior year are submitted on time.

  • Application is on the Scholarship Listing or can be picked up in the counseling office.

DEADLINE:  March 31, 2024 


If you have been accepted by any colleges/universities, technical school or committed to the military, please come to the counseling office and add your name to our Class of 2024 list.