Attention Seniors!  Last chance for a senior portrait in this year's yearbook will be April 20 and April 21 from 9-3.  Log onto Prestige Portraits to schedule your photo today!   


Yearbooks Officially On Sale!

Yearbooks can be purchased online or in school for $70.
Personalization is available for an extra fee. 

Click the link below to order your yearbook.
Just enter the Yearbook ID Code: 13970321
If paying at school, checks should be made out to SRS.

Interested in placing an Ad in the yearbook?

Want to recognize your student? 

Ads can be purchased to be included in the back of the yearbook in full color.
1/8 page - $50
1/4 page - $75
1/2 page - $150
Full page - $225
Do you own a local business and want to show your SRS support?  Ad pricing is the same for recognition ads this year!  Please contact Melissa Trzasko for details.

Also, this year we will be including a "Shout Out" section for only $5 where you can leave them a message (due to space, these messages should be 250 characters or less).

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact Melissa Trzasko at

Looking for an older yearbook?

There are some Middle School or Powder Mill School yearbooks available from
2006-2019 for $5.00 each.

 Older SRS High School yearbooks are also available and are $20 for those
four years or older.

Contact Melissa Trzasko for more information. 

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